Continuity Shop hosts the BCI NW Forum


Continuity Shop is proud to host the first event in the 2019 BCI North-West Forum. Following on from feedback received following the very well attended events in 2018, this year, we will be spending time going into the different aspects of business continuity in a little more depth.

The agenda will include:

  • Policy and Programme Management – Why getting this right is essential to making your programme smooth-running and sets the agenda for your whole BC Management System
  • What you need from your “Top-Management” to make the programme work
  • Interruption Insurance. What is it and why would we use it?
  • BCI Approved Training – something to suit everyone?
  • BCI News
  • Q&A

The event will be hosted at Salford Innovation Forum, and starts at 10.00 for registration and will be finished around 14.30 or thereabouts. Parking is available and the venue is a short walk from Salford Crescent rail station. Click the link below to register.

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